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Restore And Protect The Bright Look Of Your Tile & Grout

Tile and grout is a popular flooring option because of its shiny appearance, high durability, and ease of maintenance. But high foot traffic and constant use can make your tile and grout dull and filthy, and then no matter how thoroughly you clean them, it remains unaffected. So if you also want to protect the look of your tile and grout, we can help you.

At White Hat Floor Care, we provide excellent tile and grout cleaning in St. Louis MO and nearby locations. We service homes, apartments, offices, and all other commercial facilities and provide them with the most thorough cleaning that ensures satisfactory results.

We use the latest equipment and best-quality cleaning supplies that can effectively remove accumulated dirt and grime without affecting the finish of your tiles. Our effective cleaning methods can restore and protect the beautiful and bright appearance of your tile and grout.
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How We Clean Tile And Grout


Pre Inspection

Our team inspects your tile and grout to know its type and extent of dirt and grime.



We apply a cleaning agent to break down the accumulated soil and dirt particles.

Deep Cleaning

We use a powerful cleaning machine to thoroughly clean the dirt and debris from your tile and grout.

Spot Treatment

Then we treat the stubborn stains on your tile surfaces and clean them thoroughly.

Post Inspection

Lastly, we leave the tile and grout to dry and conduct a final walk-through with the client.

Leave The Hard Work To Our Professionals

Tile and grout cleaning is a time-consuming task that takes a lot of hard work, and a small mistake can ruin the beauty of your tile and grout. So it’s best to let our professionals handle it. We use the latest cleaning equipment that makes the cleaning task effective and quick. Hire us today to restore the original appearance of your tile and grout.