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Carpet brings a cozy and appealing look to your place with its beautiful colors and texture. But constant use and high foot traffic bring dirt and grime which accumulate deep inside your carpet fibers and make it look grimy and dull.

Regular vacuuming and DIY cleaning are helpful but deep carpet cleaning by professionals is essential to effectively remove the accumulated dirt and grime from your carpet and give it a spotless look.

At White Hat Floor Care, we provide professional carpet cleaning that can make your filthy and soiled carpets spotless again. We use a revolutionary extraction cleaning method that restores the original appearance of your carpet and prolongs its life by reducing wear and tear. Call us today to book your services.
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Our Carpet Cleaning Process



First, we inspect the carpet area to be cleaned. Which helps to select the right cleaning method.

Pre Vacuum

Then we thoroughly vacuum the carpet area to clear the loose dirt and debris. This makes the cleaning effective.

Deep Cleaning

Then we deep clean your carpet using the powerful cleaning equipment to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

Spot Treatment

We treat the areas with stains using suitable cleaning methods. This gives a spotless look to your carpet.

Post Inspection

Lastly, we conduct a post-inspection with the owner to ensure complete satisfaction and then leave the carpet for drying.

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Carpet is a magnet for dirt and grime which not only affects its appearance but also reduces its lifespan. Revitalize your carpet with our professional carpet cleaning in St. Louis. We will get it thoroughly cleaned and make it spotless again. Contact us now!